By choosing our practice, you will be rest assured that you will receive the utmost quality,  professional care, and service the hearing industry provides when it comes time to choose your hearing aid device.

Our Hearing Instrument Specialists will provide the most comprehensive testing to determine exactly what your hearing problems are and will find the best possible hearing instruments for your specific hearing needs at very affordable prices. No matter your personal budget, we have a hearing instrument that will help your problems in a price range for almost every person who needs hearing help.

With top of the line 100% Digital Technology we can specifically match your hearing loss with the proper prescription needed in your custom made hearing instruments to help fix the hearing problems you may have and help you hear better.

We strive to provide not only the best Audiological Testing to pinpoint your specific hearing needs, but also provide the best possible technology the industry has to offer to take care of your hearing problems with the best digital technology at very affordable prices. We offer home visits in the greater Boston area, along with three office locations.

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